Whence Cometh My Help

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Whence Cometh My Help - The Sequel to Into The Night by Darryl A Perkins is a gripping romantic drama with a religious twist - spliced with Perkins’ comedic wit. It’s been five years since Dr. Caroline Glenn’s untimely death by a hired assassin. Follow the saga of her husband and soul mate - noted raptor biologist Dr. Darryl Glenn as he struggles to put his life back together. Trying to pick up the pieces after the lost of his wife, he is slow to forget the past and move forward. Coming to the aid of a good friend, Dr Glenn gets embroiled in a bitter land/water dispute in southwest Kansas.

He must deal with corrupt politicians, shady town officials as well as a powerful North Carolina tyrant! His Help Cometh From the Lord! His New Love and Inspiration Cometh From WSSU!

Chapter 1 Help Me Lord

“It was always the same - a picture perfect Yellowstone day with just enough of a breeze to keep the skeeters at bay. The pristine pool against the backdrop of the waterfall is sky blue and the surface looks glass-like without a single ripple in sight. Lying patiently with his eyes fixed intently on the water, Lamar, the McKenzie Valley wolf and undisputed leader of the Druids, is the picture of power and confidence.

A small ripple appears on the water and like a mermaid rising from the depths, a head pops above the surface. Flashing the brilliant smile that has mesmerized me for over thirty years, Caroline steps from the pool with water dripping from her nude body. As always I wait with a towel in my outstretched arms, ready to embrace her in a bear hug and kiss those luscious lips. Even after thirty years of marriage and two children, seeing her like this always gets my blood boiling.

“Don’t even think about it,” she said, as I wrapped her in the towel. “We’ve got work to do.”

Ignoring her fake protest, I swivel her around, drop the towel, and just before I lean over to give her a kiss…I wake up. I realize that instead of embracing my wife in Yellowstone National Park, I am alone in our bed in Rural Hall, North Carolina. Where I was happy and content just seconds ago, once again I’m sad and lonely. It has been five years since the love of my life was taken from me by an assassins’ bullet and I’m still heartbroken.

This dream always leaves me feeling empty and void, but there are others that are far worse. The absolute worst is when I relive the nightmare of her death. Slowly coming to grips with reality, I sit up in bed trying to blink back the tears to no avail. I look up at the ceiling and say, “I do lift up mine eyes unto the hills from whence cometh my help, but Lord, this doesn’t seem to be getting any better.”